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                              Owners: Leo Romero & Elizabeth Cook-Romero 

Fine & reasonably priced books on art -

photography - the Southwest & New Mexico - Native-American arts & culture - poetry - literature - Eastern & Western religion - philosophy - cooking - nature - science - world history - art technique - and more.


Leo Romero & Elizabeth Cook-Romero opened their first Santa Fe used bookstore in 1988, and since then Books of Interest has become a destination for locals as well as visitors to Santa Fe.

Books of Interest is a browser's bookstore. We do not sell online, so our store is not picked over by people shopping online. Our inventory is priced competitively with the internet, but it is reserved for those adventurous enough to browse our shelves. We believe it's important that tose who come into our bookstore have the chance of finding some unexpected gems or at least a lot of good books. 

Books of Interest is our fourth bookstore since 1988, all of them in Santa Fe. We have sold two bookstores and retired twice, but a love for books keeps bringing us back into the business. We have seen the book business at its peak and at its nadir. Even during the worst of times we keep trucking along, thanks to the customers who appreciate quality books in excellent condition.

Santa Fe has been a magnet for interesting people, and many move here from across the country and bring their libraries with them. We get frequent calls to buy books from various estates. Over the years, we have purchased many excellent and unique libraries.

Above is a corner of the Books of Interest art room, which holds one of the finest collections of art books in the United States. Art is not the only area in which the bookstore excells. It is also known for poetry, literature, cooking and Southwestern history.

Books of Interest

1333 Cerrillos Rd.,  Santa fe

(505) 984-9828

​Open: ​Mon.-Sat. 10-5; Sun. haphazardly

New location — We'll be open on Monday Sept. 12, 2016